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“The Birth of the American Spirit”


Imam W.D. Muhammad



In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; peace and blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.


My Dear Brothers and Sisters:

In the history of the modern world, America stands out because she came into existence as a world power so rapidly. The original thirteen colonies who rebelled against the mother state (England), were successful in winning their independence. They went on to build up a great industrial nation in a relatively short period of time, and America became the leading nation of the world in power and in wealth. America was started by people who saw an opportunity in the newly discovered land to grow with a great amount of freedom. The Protestant pioneers came in great numbers to cut paths through the wide expanse of natural wilderness. They managed to push back the barriers of the frontier because they had a divine vision.


The Divine Destiny

Whenever a people start out to do a great thing in the world, they involve "God." Whether they intend to obey God or not, they like to put God's name on the new struggle that they are about to undertake. They know that the majority of human beings are more responsive to God than they are to anything else. The world powers (rulers) want people who will serve them with spirit and with enthusiasm. Religion has the power to inspire people, to fire up their enthusiasm, and to give them the spirit for conquering "in the name of God." The early history of the American people was inspired by a belief in a "divine destiny" that was similar to the "divine destiny" of Jews that is preached in the Bible. The interpreted and interpolated Bible teaches that the Jews would inherit the gentile nations and become a messiah for the world. When Judaism passed on into Europe in the form of "Christianity," the European nations went on the march for leadership and power in the world. The so-called Christian armies fought to establish "God's kingdom" because many of them sincerely felt that the world would be a better world if the "uncivilized heathens" were tamed and brought into the religion of Jesus Christ.

Great America


It is true that America is beautiful and America is great, but America is also greatly confused. We want to clear up the 'confusion so that we all can live peacefully in America. It is alright to have a great America, but a great America does not mean very much if we cannot live in it. Everyday America is dying morally, mentally, and spiritually. A terrible problem with American people is that they like to close their eyes to things, especially when keeping their eyes open requires a little strength. The whole nature and personality of American life is not reflected in a vision that sees reality, it is reflected in a vision that is superficial (emotional). The history of America is a history of a people who sought and who gave themselves to "freedom." The country quickly rose to great heights because of new discoveries and new inventions. In a short time the people had developed a technology that was advanced enough to provide them with the tool they needed to overcome the world. American people have been deceiving themselves by thinking that Christianity and democracy put America and the West on top of the world. Although Christianity and democracy were used, the West was put on top by superior weapons, by better and faster transportation, and by other significant developments in technology and warfare.


The "Guarantee" Of Life

The divine destiny of America has not yet been realized. The great destiny envisioned by the early settlers who had their hearts and their minds on God has not been fulfilled. The divine destiny of America is still awaited by those human beings who love freedom and who love to see the human spirit free to develop along natural lines until it reaches its fulfillment. The only divine destiny that America has fulfilled has been her material victory. America has been like a child that suddenly came into great riches. If the child has the freedom to use the riches as he sees fit to use them, he will mess up the world. Because be has the mentality of a child, he will buy too much of the wrong things, he will spend too much money in the wrong place, and he will turn the whole world into a playpen.

In the Constitution, the founding fathers left every individual a guarantee of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What is life? Why does anyone have to guarantee life to us? Before there was any government to guarantee life, life was here and it was existing more abundantly than it exists now. The authors of this guarantee of life must have been people who read the Bible. It was Jesus who said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." When Jesus talked about "life," he was talking about something more serious than just so-called freedom in the physical life. If freedom in the physical life is all that the world can guarantee you, you might as well live in the jungles. All of the beasts in the wilderness have life and they have freedom to fly, freedom to roam, freedom to protect themselves, and freedom to destroy themselves. The human being strives for a higher form of freedom than just freedom for his animal form.



The Importance of Environment


When any life starts to form, it needs a suitable environment in which to form and to grow. The environment is a major factor in determining the kind of life we will have in the future. Although this is the knowledge that has been revealed in religion, the doctors of social science in the Western world would like to take credit for it. Man is a product of his physical parents and he is also a product of his environment.

The great concern in religion is to protect us from our forefathers as well as from our environment. When people go astray from the truth and from the natural path towards God, God reveals the truth to one of His chosen ones (messenger or prophet). Then the messenger or prophet begins to direct the society back in the right path and eventually he reforms (remakes) the society. Before we can correct the problem of society, we must first correct the problems in ourselves. If we are not careful, the problems that we have inherited from our forefathers will influence our environment. They will shape the environment in the wrong form and we will be forever caught in the mistakes of the past. America was born with the mind from the land of Europe. It took on a new freedom, but it took on the same old desire that its forefathers had. The English forefathers of America went into the lands of the dark races and brought back human beings to Europe and America for use as beasts of burden. These strange and ugly things that we see in the history of the West are the things that work to give birth to the American spirit. We are first looking at the strong influences in the Western environment that have worked to form the American spirit. Later, we are going to identify the American spirit. To identify a person, you must relate him to a certain environment or to a certain relationship. If you put everything together and see all of the elements as one, there is no identity. But when you separate things and see them in their relationship to each other, you can see their individual identity.



The Child in Darkness


Because America quickly rose to power as a "child," it emerged on the world scene with a kind of innocence that made it more powerful. A reflection of its childlike behavior is that it never consider itself "guilty" of any wrong it commits. A child must be taught to say that he is wrong, that he is at fault, or that he made a mistake. Because the child wants to measure up to the "perfection" of his parents, he never says that he is at fault. America has considered itself to be the nation without spot or blemish. Although, as individuals, America will admit that they are wrong at times, there seems to be an invisible law more powerful than human life itself telling us not to openly criticize America. Americans have been raised as children to think that their parents, as a nation, are the only good parents on the face of the earth and that all other nations are bad parents. The learned people and the so -called leaders will not admit that freedom is really absent in America. We do not have freedom, we have darkness.

Even though you might be physically free, you cannot benefit from that freedom if you cannot see. America has been the darkest country in the world: people have a lot of money but they cannot enjoy it; people have all kinds of college degrees but they cannot produce. America is a nation with a history for piling up wealth, power, and knowledge until it reaches the height of Mount Everest, but it is a nation that does not have the strength to keep the husband and wife together. It does not have the strength to raise its children properly; it does not have the strength to control vandalism; it does not have the strength to keep the college students of the leadership from walking away from the "citadel of civilization" into the jungles of hell. In the history of America we see a fast growing child who grew much faster physically than be grew mentally.

Do not think that knowledge simply means mental advancement. You can have all of the knowledge in the Congressional Library and still not have the sense to lace up your shoes or to straighten your tie. The American mentality has been a mentality of a child that just wanted to wear the badge of material achievement as something to show off. America's test has come; the social fabric of the society is rocking and the threads have begun to break apart. Its college trained leaders do not know bow to thread the needle and how to sew the fabric back together again. This tells you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mind of America is the mind of a child.



Real Freedom


The teachings of all revealed religion tells us that heaven must start in this life. In the Nation of Islam in the West, we do not try to appeal to your emotions or to excite you to believe things that are not realistic. We are here to appeal to your senses and to wake up your mind so that you will be able to see what we are doing. When you understand what we are doing, you can then make a choice in broad daylight to take the straight way of truth or to take the way that leads you astray to the wrath of God.

Islam does not seek to impose itself on an} one. Prophet Muhammad and all of the prophets before him (may Allah be pleased with them) said that the way is an open way: let him come who has the will to come. He who has no will to come, let him take his own way. People are not to be compelled to make decision against their will. The divine aspect of religion is that you are totally free to make your own decisions. Without being free to make your own decisions, you are not ready to travel the path of God. You have to be free. God does not want you to be a slave who has his hands and feet tied and who has his eyes closed. God wants you to be completely free because being free is the only way you are going to arrive at truth. Freedom is a long path with many struggles. You must face obstacles in the path and overcome them, one by one, until you reach the final goal. Freedom is not something that is suddenly put into your hands all at one time. Freedom is something that is realized step by step, stage by stage. The big problem with the Western way of life is the wrong idea about freedom. You say, "freedom, freedom, freedom," but how much do you know about real freedom?


A False Independence


Real independence did not come and America remained a nation in bondage. The nation grew and progressed, but its action during its growing process did not agree with its Constitutional position that all men are created equal and that all men have a god-given right to freedom, to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness. This conflict in the growth of America eventually brought about the end of chattel slavery and millions of Bilalian people were physically freed. That "freedom" again was just a move further in the path towards the real thing that the life of freedom was trying to manifest in America. Physical freedom came but human freedom was not yet there because we were physically free but, as human beings, we remained slaves. Bilalian people did not have the human dignity of other people and we were not recognized as equal citizens of the nation. We were called "second class citizens/' we were laughed at and we were mocked: "Our niggers cannot make it without us. It would be best for us to send our niggers back to Africa." We had to listen to this kind of degrading talk for generations after we were physically free. We heard as much of this kind of talk in the so-called "liberal" North as we heard in the South. This tells us that the people had not yet opened their eyes to the kind of human values for which they were sacrificing, struggling, and dying. They had not yet seen the values that they claimed to stand up for. In spite of their beautifully worded constitution, they were still treating human beings as though they were no more than animals put on earth to be used, to be abused, and to be thrown out as trash.



The Hypocrisy Of America


Hypocrisy is rampant in the history of America. Hypocritical people led our marches and stood out in front of us saying, "We must free the Negro, we must give the Negro his rights." Not feeling these words in their hearts, the same people failed when they were put to the lest: "Yes, we believe that black people should not be chained or denied their rights, but we do not like to see them share with us in America as our equals. This is our America." The newer generations do not say that Bilalians are still their slaves, but they keep reminding us that their fathers built up America. They do not like to give us any credit for doing anything of value in the history of America. Before they managed to develop inventions like the cotton gin, our foreparents worked from sun up to sun down picking thousands and thousands of pounds of cotton in the blistering hot sun.


We lost countless lives in foreign lands fighting wars for America, yet many Americans feel that we are not entitled to an equal share in the blessings of this land. They think that they owe us something, but not something of the same value that they owe themselves. They owe us more than they owe themselves because they did not demand as much of themselves as they demanded of our fathers and mothers. America took their sweat, their blood, their spirit, their mind, and their morality. They took everything from them and poured it down the drain so that their country would look good. We were brought here against our will and then raised to a mental form that was against our will. After that mental form had been brought into real form and the old form of our forefathers had died, we willingly cooperated with our captors. They had to capture us both physically and mentally and they even had to destroy us spiritually before they got us to become willing subjects in America. They sapped us of all of our real human energy. Now they owe us something for their actions and the leadership knows how much they owe us.



America: A Blessing And A Curse


The "Second Birthday" (Bicentennial) of America is not going to be celebrated by us in the spirit of thanksgiving. We are not ready to celebrate in the spirit of thanksgiving because we have not received enough from America to say, 'Thank you. ' We will celebrate but we will celebrate in the spirit of hope. We congratulate the leaders of the nation for having recognized the signs of the time and for having responded well enough to survive. We have the hope that they will continue to recognize the signs of the time until they have given us a reason to celebrate the birth of America in the true spirit of thanksgiving.

Brothers and Sisters, America is the most difficult environment in which to live and to grow as human beings. America is a blessing, but as much as it is a blessing it is also a curse. America's great blessing is the freedom to move until somebody else who is moving freely comes against you with a little more -muscle than you have. What makes America so hellish is that everybody is free, so the weak are at the mercy of the strong. In other words, America is just a big jungle. In the jungle the lions are free, the jackals are free, and the rabbits are free. All of them are free, but the ones with the biggest muscles rule the jungle. In the jungle called America, everybody is free and the people with the biggest muscles rule the jungle. If this were simply a natural jungle, we would survive because nature has given every creature of the jungle its own instinct for survival. Very seldom will you go in the jungle and find all of the members of one species in bondage to another species. Occasionally you will find one rabbit in the mouth of a hound or one lamb in the month of a tiger, but you will seldom find a whole family in the mouth of a stronger creature.



The Pot Of Boiling Poison


In America, the setting is unnatural. We are not governed by natural law, we have taken on a mentality that is self-destructive. America is not only interested in conquering other people, but America loves its own destruction. Any person with his eyes open would know that if you keep pouring lies out into the atmosphere, pretty soon the form of life in the environment will become false. If you keep pouring moral poison, spiritual poison, and mental poison into the open environment, in time you are going to poison the life of the nation. The West not only exported poison, the West bred poison for its own society to feed on. The rulers of the West fed Bilalians one poison, they fed the American Indians another poison, they fed the Latinos another poison, and they fed their own children another poison. The result is that the society has become one big pot of boiling poison. The power and the strength of the American leadership today is only in its arsenal of destructive weapons.

The rest of the world laughs at America or either they shake their beads in pity at her. "America the Great" has been reduced to a drunken picnic. Some of the things that came together to make America what she is today is spiritual people seeking an outlet to express their religious desire and material people looking for an outlet to grow materially. Many races, many kinds of minds, and many different spirits have come to America and most of them have either been sick socially or sick spiritually. Most of the people that came to this land came either because they did not like their own home or because they saw an opportunity here to put themselves in power. They came here for wealth and power or they came here for freedom to demoralize others. Although there are many beautiful faces of America, these are some of her ugly faces.

We are talking about the birth of the American spirit. Life does not spring up out of things smelling sweet, life's origin is an odorous thing. We are talking about the odorous beginning of America so that we can see what kind of life has been formed here.



"For God's Sake"


If you take up the name of God and go out to do a great work, matters are no longer in your hands no matter what your intentions may be. Your intentions may be to use God or to destroy God's work, but Almighty God takes the matters out of your hands. God will make Himself known. If a power rises up to destroy His identity or to conceal His truth, Almighty God Himself begins to work in the crooked plan of the evil planner. The opponents of God may think that they are leading the show, but the invisible hand of the Almighty is always in control. America began "In the name of God," using God to get the people to rally behind them: "Let's have a true democracy for God's sake." "Let's have a land where all people can sing the praise of God for God's sake." The dream of the founding fathers and the pioneers was to build a home for religious people, a home for every human being that had a clean desire for the world.


The very people who worked to open the door on that dream were peddlers of vices and human misery. They filled the earth with more things that worked to undermine the development of the human spirit and to kill the human freedom than any other people on the face of the earth. Our forefathers lost their freedom when the "democracy builders" came into power. The American Indians lost their freedom when "democracy builders" came into power. So it was for every land in which they managed to get a foothold. The people in other lands bad to give up their human dignity so that America, the spoiled child, could boast a great victory "for God and democracy." The contradictions in America's words and her actions are both plain and very serious.



Rejected " Charity"


We see America as a nation growing with a face of a human being in the front of her head and the face of a diabolical beast in the back of her head. She became a raving, senseless monster that could not see or recognize the needs of other people. You may say, "but America has given billions of dollars to develop other lands." You do not yet recognize that America's "development program" moves from combat soldiers with rifles and bombs to "combat soldiers" with bibles and crosses. Even though they have showered the people with theories of democracy beans, flour, wheat, machinery, and industry, what is the real condition of the people? The people are complaining that even though they have more material comforts than they had before, they do not enjoy the same happiness and the same human dignity. As a result, the recipients of American "charity" have rejected America and they have rejected democracy. The countries that once opened their doors to accept the transporters of democracy have now closed their doors and told Uncle Sam to go back home. The old generation of human corruptors for power's sake did not win any friends.


Today, America looks at her beautiful record of "charity" and suffers at the heart. Those who received the "charity*' are not saying, "Thank you, America." If America would look at the death, the misery and the ignorance that it exported along with its "democracy," she could understand why the nations are no longer saying thank you for her "charity."

Opportunity For Destruction


The builders of democracy never had the foolish, ignorant idea of freedom that we find in America today: the privilege to do anything you want to do. The word "freedom" was passed on to the masses of the people without being thoroughly defined. Freedom without proper balance is no more than the opportunity to destroy yourself without having anyone to guide you or to help you. Freedom among the masses on these terms works against the ability to arrive at unity and leadership in the society. People that keep the song of freedom on their tongues are not going to work hard for unity or for togetherness. The cry for "freedom" works against the movement of people towards each other because the very word suggests a movement away from each other. The corrupt minds in the society that fed the people this false concept of freedom are the very minds that destroyed nations abroad. They have also worked to destroy the American people with the same stick that they used to destroy other nations — the stick of "divide and conquer." They know that if they set the elements of the society against each other, they (who are together in unity) will rule forever. A part of their plan for universal rulership was the color scheme of naming the races of man "black," "brown," "yellow," "red," and "white."



Color Consciousness


People that were physically black, brown, yellow, red, and white were all once tied together by family blood, by tribal blood, by national blood. All of a sudden, the strong ancestral relationships that had existed for generations were broken loose because people started to accept the identity of color label that Western powers put out for the world to buy. People had problems before, but they were problems that could be handled without breaking the social order and without disrupting the society. They were able to live on the same continent with each other without letting their physical skin colors be a cause for them to go to war with each other.


By building up racism and color consciousness, the Western powers fed color identity into the hearts of the people. Their evil scheme made a black man feel inferior to all other men and it made a Caucasian man feel superior to all other men. It made a brown man feel superior to a black man and a yellow man feel superior to a brown man. By dividing the people up into color camps, they created new social patterns for the people to think in: Divide and conquer.



Sacrifice Individual Freedom


After we were divided like this in America, they divided our loyalty by telling us that we were "free." A man who is "free" has no loyalties. When a man and a woman marry, the preacher does not tell them that they are free — he tells them they are bound to each other. When society makes the first step to develop a social order, it is not freedom that is given to all the people. The people must each give up a part of their individual freedom so that they can become a bigger entity, a bigger organ. The man gives up part of his freedom so that he can join on to a woman in marriage. She also gives up part of her freedom and they come together to form a bigger party. In time, they have children and the family becomes still a bigger party than just the man and wife.


The man and woman can only grow as a family when they have given up some of their individual freedom.



Limits Of Physical Freedom


You hear many people in America saying, "This is the land of the free. I don't want nobody ruling me. The trouble with this world is that we have too many leaders and too much organization." These people are speaking with the diseased concept of democracy that was intended to keep the majority of the people as mental and moral slaves. Most Americans are only free in one sense, and that is in the sense of physical freedom. Even that physical freedom is limited depending on your wealth, your sex, your education, or your skin color. There are many beautiful spots in America that we would love to see. It is not that we want to live there or to eat and sleep with the residents, but we would like to walk through some of the beautiful communities in America just to see how beautiful America is all over. Many Americans, however, are not physically free to go into these communities. You will find an army of "fellow Americans" wearing swastikas saying, "Nigger, go home." There are Chinese that are not free to walk the streets in many parts of America. There are Latinos that are not free to walk the streets in many parts of America. There are Jews that are not free to walk the streets in many parts of America. There are poor Caucasians that are not free to walk the streets in many parts of America.



A Haven For Filth


In speaking of an old nation, the Bible gives a description that serves as a prophecy for the West (America). It speaks of a place that had become a haven for every foul, unclean, and filthy bird (people). You cannot be too bad for America. There are immigration laws that say that you can be too brown for America or too black for America, but there are no laws that say you are too corrupt for America.


Moral corruptors and vice peddlers can come here and set up business. No matter how farfetched or ridiculous a thing is, there is a place for it here in America. If you want to teach people that human beings are suppose to bark like dogs and walk on their heels, I guarantee you that you can have a society of dog-barking people started here in just a few days. You will find willing subjects and a place to do your work in America. Because nothing is too ridiculous for this environment, more is demanded from you for survival's sake than in any other spot on the earth.


Brothers and Sisters, do not take life for granted in America. If there is any place on earth that you should be on guard, it is in America. You are worse off here than you would be among the wild animals of the jungles.



Land Of Parasites


America is a land of parasites. If you have sweet blood, there are parasites waiting to suck your blood on radio, on television, in the newspaper, on street corners, in a church or a synagogue or a so-called mosque. Everywhere in the air, corruption is coming at you. Today, man's fear of big creatures is gone. The primitive man feared the dinosaur, but today we fear viruses and social forces working in us and on us that we cannot even see with the physical eye. They bring about the wrinkling up of the skin, gray hair, baldness, heart failure, cancer and leukemia. The things that are enemies to us now are not in a big form like the dinosaur, they are so hidden that we have to search for them with fine

looking glasses. But do not think that the society is any less threatened now than it was in the days of the primitive man. In fact, it is much more threatened now than it ever has been. The only people who will survive today are those who have their hearts and their minds fixed on truth and who are willing to submit to truth. They must be willing to say, "I believe in God, I follow God, I obey God, I cannot live without God." They must say this with courage, with power, with strength, with faith, with confidence, and with pride. The rest of the people are going to go down to destruction.



In The Dark


The Western powers have been shaken and their institutions are reeling and rocking, yet there is no news that the governments or the society are going to overcome these great threats against their life. When the leaders speak to you on television and on radio, they are not telling you that they have managed to over come the problems or that they see a bright future ahead. They are telling you that they do not know how to get society back on the road to progress or how to deal with the problems and the confusion in the society. They admit that they are all in the dark. Times have become so critical that preachers cannot stand up and preach the Bible anymore, they have to entertain the people with music, with business, or with politics. The preachers have been deprived of the ability to pick up the word of God and preach. How many preachers do you find today who are telling you to follow God's word because God's word is the best? No, they are telling you what is happening in Russia, what is happening in China, or what is happening in Africa. They are telling you what the rich people are doing to the poor people. But they are not telling you what God has done for you and can continue to do for you to keep you alive and progressing. Most of them have given up the scripture and are content just to follow the trends of the people.



The Common Need


I do believe, with my whole being, that America's destiny is a divine destiny. I do believe that America will be victorious and that America will overcome, but she will not be victorious with the same old mentality. America will have to take on a new mentality. She will have to prove strong enough, morally and spiritually, to shed off her old wicked mentality, to take on the new mentality and wear it proudly, to defend it and work for it as much as she worked for her wrong mentality. If she has the strength, I do believe that America will become the leader of the world again. If America does not have the strength to do this, she is going down and the time is not far off.


America does not have too much time left to talk about what America is going to do. America must start doing the things right now that she knows she must do. America does not know what she wants because America is in the dark. Some of the people want "the niggers" out of their schools, some of them want more welfare, some of them want to start a war but these are isolated wants. No one is representing the common wants and needs of the American people because they do not know their own common needs anymore. The truth is that the common need of the American people is moral leadership and spiritual leadership. America is not yet demanding moral leadership that stands upon the foundation of truth. The society itself is too corrupt, too sick, too confused and too deep in the mire of wickedness to stand up and say that they want moral and spiritual leadership. It does not take a lot of political knowledge to see that we are a country that is politically confused. We are divided because we do not have anything in our environment that reaches all of us. In order to unite people, there must be something in the environment with which all of them want to identify and to give themselves.


When America was founded, the newcomers as a majority all shared a common desire for a place to work, a place to pray, and a place to live in peace. Because there was a common desire, there was great strength in their unity. Over the years, however, America has become so divided by its own philosophy of divide and conquer that there is really no central force or rallying banner for all the people. We are a people thoroughly divided with racism, with all kinds of prejudices, with all kinds of fears, and with all kinds of unclean interests.



The Expense Of Freedom


Lies and vices cannot unite a society, only truth and righteousness can unite a society. When a society becomes so heavily saturated with lies and vices, you have to purge it by burning out the lies and the vices. When you get them burned out well enough, you will again see human life coming to the surface and you will see people trying to get together in unity. Until then the people will just be groping in the dark to make an effort, but they cannot commit themselves. Although we make an effort to identify things in the dark, we are not able to commit ourselves until the light comes on.


In America there are a lot of movements, and a lot of darkness, but there is little commitment. The people want freedom, but who values freedom enough to pay the price? They think that freedom is free. "Freedom" and "free" are two different things. The most expensive thing in the world is freedom. If you want freedom, you must pay a price. The people say, "Give me liberty or give me death, the land of the free, the home of the brave." They never talk about commitment, sacrifice or responsibility. Responsibility goes with freedom. The more freedom you get, the more responsibility you have. The leadership of America has fed us the idea of freedom and has deafened our ears to the accompanying demands of responsibility that we have for every ounce of freedom that we get.

Black, Stinky Mud


Everything is born in darkness and grows out of darkness into light. Everything is born offensive to those things that are already well-formed. It is offensive either because it is weak and unable to display the skills that the well formed body possesses or because it is morally offensive ("stinky") in the physical sense. Almighty God, in His own wisdom, puts together the worst kinds of elements to bring about the most problematic situation to serve as an environment in which a superior life can grow. The Holy Quran says that God makes His man from black, stinky mud fashioned into shape. In the days of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with him), Arabia was a society of black, stinky mud, but Allah gave His attention to the strength in that dark, ignorant, backwards environment. He began to move forward to advance the moral strength and the spiritual purity that was in that filthy, dark environment. Muhammad the Prophet was moved into a great leadership position among the nations of the world, but he was born of stinky, black mud. In American history, we see a parallel to the history of Arabia.



Ignorance Of Human Form


Although it claims to have been born with highly civilized ideas, America's history tells us that it was also formed in stinky, black mud. Early Americans knew all about how to make weapons and gun powder to fire bullets into the hearts of people, but they knew very little about how to build up the human form. The best of their people were little more than primitive pagans. If you look at their social sciences of fifty years ago or seventy-five years ago, you can see their primitive, idolatrous, pagan mind. They were a people who could see how to go across the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean to attend to the needs of other people, but they could not see how to attend to the crying needs of their own hearts, their own spirituality, or their own neglected moral nature. They went out with Bibles and crosses, killing people to make them confess a belief in Jesus simply because they needed more land or because they needed to conquer the people.


Is the person with a Bible and a cross who says, "Believe in my God or die," any different from the barbarian who says, "Accept my leadership or die?" This kind of dark, stinky "ground" provided the womb (environment) for a natural birth and development.



Power Without Vision


America's birth began the right way because it started out with the idea of freedom and democracy. At first, the people saw "freedom" and "democracy" as the opportunity to gain the needs that were necessary to make a pleasant and comfortable physical environment. This is natural growth. But as life grows, it should progress (advance) in its own interpretation and knowledge of the terms "freedom" and "democracy." If a society grows up to become a man and a woman and still has baby ideas of "freedom" and "democracy," it will not enjoy the freedom and democracy that it has. But if its mind also grows up (matures), the idea of "freedom" will evolve from a lower level to higher levels and the society will also evolve to higher levels.


A country that intends to be the dictator over a whole nation that it can use as its slave-camp will not educate its masses. It will keep the masses of the people in the dark while it hides its evil scheme behind terms like "freedom" and "democracy." It will leave the masses with ignorant, baby ideas about freedom and democracy. Because the masses in America are now potentially explosive and destructive, they must be fed something often to keep them sedated: drugs, fashions, music, weird behavior. As fast as one fad dies off as an influence (drugs), they have to invent another weird sedative to keep the masses in check. The rulers know that now because the masses are educated, they are powerful as a mental muscle even though they are blind and have no mental vision. The government and the institutions of the society have not given the masses vision, they have only given them power. Today, America is a powerful nation with no vision.



Dope Addicts


The American rulership has sedated the masses with physical, social, and spiritual drugs, but they did not have the wisdom to avoid getting hooked on the drugs themselves. The majority of the masses and most of the leadership have now become social dope addicts and spiritual dope addicts, from the top of the mountain down to the lowest point in the valley. The dope pushers, who only take the light stuff, give the masses the heavy stuff. They fear that if the people ever sober up and get themselves together, they will tear up the land. If the people are ever freed from the sedatives with nobody to take their hand and to lead them, they will tear up this world. The only thing holding back this kind of destruction in the society is the heavy sedation of the people with fads, one behind the other.



The Weak Giant


The Bible speaks of an old power (nation) that followed the same path that America has followed. It became a great giant, but all of the precious medals were in the head and the weak materials were in the feet. In time the feet began to give way and the whole structure was brought down. Men should not give all of the precious tools for survival to government and deprive the masses. In time, the masses will grow old and weak and they will not be able to support the structure. Scripture has taught us this. You cannot rule over people forever that you starve and drain thoroughly. Pretty soon they are going to become wise because time will season them. Even without mental training or without their intellectual elements being turned on, habit (repeating things over, and over again) will eventually open their eyes. Many things in this modern world like radio, telephone, and television, are educating the masses without the leadership's permission. The world has grown so small and it has become so fast that government leadership has to speak to other government leadership through the media (newspaper, radio, television). In time, the masses get enough knowledge of what the leadership is doing to rebel. They begin to see that the slavemasters of the world have an evil design and that the masses are nothing but work animals for the rulers. The masses have now come to see themselves as a corralled cow that is milked until the rulers desire to eat steak then a hammer hits him over the bead and he goes through the butcher line to become meat on the table of the slavemaster.



Mountains Must Crumble


What will save America? The thing that has brought about her destruction will save her. America and the world became destroyed because they misused the masses. The way to save the world is to now do justice by educating the masses. For thousand of years the leaders of world nations have feared to educate the people. They would have one type of education for themselves and another type of education for the masses. World leadership feared that if they gave knowledge to the masses, the masses would demand the same wealth that they had and that they would have to share their wealth with the people.

The time has come that was prophesied in scripture when the mountains will be eroded to crumble down as sand into the valley. The world will be leveled, the high and the mighty are going to be brought down on a level with the great masses.


The rains and the winds are going to wash down the sides of the mountain and, in time, the wealth that was piled up as a haven of rest for the eagle will be spread out in a wide place for all the creatures of the earth.



Need For Self-Mastery


If the minds of the present world leaders are not ready to accept that they are moving against time and that Almighty God is against them, it will not be long before they will be destroyed. The clock is ticking out. The only way for them to survive is to share, and the first thing they must share is knowledge. They started giving the masses beans, hamburgers, hotdogs, welfare checks, and other tokens of materialism. The government has been wrong in trying to make the people believe that it could take care of all of them by giving them welfare checks. The government should admit to the people that it has been making progress in one direction, but that it has blindly overlooked the importance of keeping the masses up with the leadership. It should admit its faults and start to make extra efforts to educate the masses. The government should use every media (radio, newspaper, television) to educate the masses.


In every museum, in every hall, in every place that is available, we should have teachers educating the masses. The government should not just provide teachers to educate the people in reading, mathematics, history, and in other academic courses, it should provide teachers to educate the people in how to understand their own development and in how to rule and to master their own self. In order for a government to rule, there must be a certain amount of self-mastery in the land for every individual.


In conclusion, the spirit of America is a spirit of freedom. It is not "freedom" as we have been taught to think of freedom, but it is a freedom that has to mature, to develop, and to evolve from lower planes of activity and responsibility to higher planes of activity and responsibility. The masses of the people must receive the knowledge and guidance to evolve from the first (baby) level of understanding "freedom" to the higher level of understanding that is necessary for America, as a human society, to achieve its divine destiny.


Your brother,

W.D. Muhammad